Marc Jacobs’ departure from Vuitton is official according to a French business magazine

Loving Marc Jacobs


The situation surrounding the situation with the contract between Marc Jacobs and LVMH is heating up as it is nearing its deadline. 

An unnamed source said that the designer’s “contract may not be renewed,” while a separate source says, “nothing has been decided yet.” and sources close to the designer report that in the near future,he will focus on the development of its own brand, while his place at LV will be taken by someone else.

Earlier it was reported that these “others” will be Nicolas Ghesquière, but recent talks with representatives of LVMH,  came to nothing.

The French international business magazine Challenges, has already confirmed Jacobs’ departure.

A preview from the article in Challenges is available online:

Image: Screenshot


The title,: “Marc Jacobs’ departure from Vuitton is official.”

“The artistic director of Louis Vuitton (LVMH), Marc Jacobs, will leave his position. The schedule will be finalized when Delphine…

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